This author’s blogs now continued elsewhere

July 12, 2013

Hello All:

It has been over two years since I have posted anything to this blog and when I finally got back to it, I noticed a few encouraging comments left by readers. To tell you the truth, I was a little surprised to learn that people were still reading the content. I have since changed jobs and am working for Blum Shapiro,┬áthe largest regional accounting, tax and business consulting firm┬ábased in New England with offices in West Hartford and Shelton, CT, Quincy, MA and Providence RI. As part of that firm, I can now post under their blog site found here: And here’s the great thing: I’m not the only one authoring post for the Blum Shapiro blog site. We have a very competent staff of technology consultants with expertise in SharePoint, C#, VB Dot Net, SQL Server, Business Intelligence and Analytics, Master Data Services, and much more. I have recently posted an article titled Dynamic Cell Formatting in SSRS. I chose this topic because it was fairly basic, and I needed something where I could concentrate more on the tools of the blog, rather than the content itself.

If you have been following this blog and come across this message, please know that I won’t be adding any new content to it under this site, but under the Blum Shapiro blog site. Come check it out! I hope to continue with SQL Server related topics in the near future.